Music & Program Schedule

Morning and Evening programs returning in 2021

Blue Monday Grass


New Music Monday



Traditional Country Tuesday


Western Country Wednesday


Keepers Of the West

6:30 pm

Rodeo Saturday


Western Saturdays


KOW Re-Rides




Mi Radio  

RGVR is a local radio station going through a drawn out 3 year old court battle to honor the sale of KYRN 102.1FM in May 2017 and keep Local Radio in Socorro New Mexico.  If you enjoy the music you hear and want to keep such programming available, please consider becoming one of our sponsoring listener at this time. If you are a business or organization that wishes to sponsor one of our daily music programs, please give us a call at Socorro studios at the original KYRN 102.1FM station numbers --575-835-2382 or text us at 575-835-8946.  We will be answering phones again 2021, and will be certain to get back with you.  Thank you  Station Manager and DJ