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The Val Verde Hotel

Spanish Mission Revival Style

Built 1918 to 1919

National Register Reference Number: 77000930

Marks 100 Years as a Socorro Architectural Icon in 2019!

Original Client: C.T. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Snyder, leasees

The Windsor Hotel was located between the plaza and the Santa Fe Depot on Manzanares Ave. It burned down in 1919 was replaces by the Val Verde Hotel at approximately the same location.

The hotel was leased to Mr. and Mrs D.E. Snyder, experienced hotel people from Arkansas. Then Snyder died in 1922, Mrs. Snyder became the sole operator of the hotel and ran it until she moved to California in 1929. Mrs. Snyder’s brother, Walter Paxton, took over the operation of the hotel and ran it until his death, late in 1955."

 Click on the photo to be taken to the Val Verde Hotel today in the City of Socorro!


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